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Aeka Biochemicals Pvt. Ltd. undertakes the research into and manufacture of biotechnological, biochemical & enzymatic products, chemical products or extracts of biological origin, and environmental solutions, that have application in research, agriculture, environmental remediation and green technology. The first product range from Aeka is a series of microbial plant growth promoters for organic and chemical-free agriculture, for all scales, from house gardens to plantations.


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We recently launched 15 new target-specific agri-microbiology products, in a launch event presided over by Dr. M. Beena, IAS, MD of KSIDC, on 14th January 2017:



  • The Beeja Starter Kit, comprising of Beeja Sutra and Beeja Raksha, for pre-planting treatment of seeds
    and seedlings
  • The Pushpa range, comprising of Pushpa Raksha and Pushpa Poshak, for flowering plants
  • The Haritha range, with Haritha Raksha and Haritha Poshak, for the growth promotion of vegetable
  • The Phala range, with Phala Raksha and Phala Poshak, for the protection and growth promotion of
    fruit plants
  • Avani Poshak, a liquid consortium for fertilisation and plant growth promotion
  • Bhoo Poshak, for improving soil quality and microflora
  • Dhaanya Poshak+, for cereals and pulses
  • Kera Poshak+, for different species of palm trees, including coconut and palmyra
  • Krishi Poshak+, for orchard trees, plantain varieties and plantation crops
  • Pushti+, a beneficial microbe consortium aimed primarily at household composting applications
    Ashraya, our enriched combination of green and farmyard manure, for fertilisation

Literature: Aeka – Product Leaflet – Small


Sasya: A Range of Microbial Plant Growth Promoters for Large-Scale Use

Aeka’s first range of products, the Sasya range of microbial plant growth promoters, is a series of microbial consortia of selected species of naturally occurring soil microorganisms developed and tailored towards the needs of different scales and types of farming.

The Sasya range was launched in October 2015 by Shri. Kris Gopalakrishnan, Co-Founder, Infosys.

The range consists of the following products, each being specially formulated and tested for specific target crops and modes of application:

  • Sasya Sutra – for nursery and garden use, via seed and root treatment
  • Sasya Mitra – for kitchen, home or terrace gardens, and small farms, via foliar application
  • Sasya Raksha – for gardens, and farms, via foliar application
  • Sasya Poshak – large farms, via seed, root and foliar application
  • Sasya Poshak+ – plantations, via seed, root and foliar application

Literature: The Sasya Range


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Instructions for Use:

  • Can be used by mixing with organic manure, by applying to roots or by spraying directly on to leaves – foliar application (depending on type of product and plant species)
  • For use on seeds: Seeds to be immersed for 4-8 hours in  dilute formulation, dried and planted
  • Best results when applied late in the evening or early in the morning, once a week, for a minimum of 4 weeks
  • Most effective when applied after 4:30 p.m.

Dosage: 5‐25 ml per litre of water; vary as required (depends on product type and size of plant – refer product leaflet for details)

General Instructions: FOR AGRICULTURAL USE ONLY. Store away from sunlight, in a cool, dry place. Close the lid of the container tightly immediately after each use. Keep out of reach of children and pets.

DO NOT CONSUME OR INHALE DIRECTLY. Wearing of gloves, face mask advised while handling product.

DISCLAIMER: Aeka Biochemicals Pvt. Ltd. is not liable for any damage or issues arising from misuse or mishandling of product